Thursday, May 31, 2007

EnerCon Tips

1. What can we do to save on electricity in our home?
a. Install a lower wattage lamp with sufficient lumens. Use a flourescent lamp instead of the traditional incandescent lamp. There are now several pin-type of flourescent lamp available in the market with the same size or even smaller than an incandescent lamp. These flourescent lamp is emitting about 50% more lights than the incandescent lamp.
b. Avoid ironing of your clothes in a piece meal basis. As much as possible, iron the clothes you need for a week. When ironing, you must set the flat iron's thermostat sufficient for your clothes materials;i.e. clothes made of cotton needs more heat that those made of wool and silk. The more lessening the heat requirement means more savings on your electricity.
c. Defrost your refrigerator regularly at least once a week. Solid ice generated due to moisture made the temperature rise within the freezer; hence, made the motor compressor to run more which contribute to electric consumption.
c. Do not run your appliances simultaneously since you will consume more electricity. The more appliances run at the same time made your electric meter run much faster.
d. If you have aircon unit, set your thermostat at low position at your body's convenience during cold weather. To save well, stop the aircon at 4am since during this time the temperature is lower.

All about your ENERCON MASTER

Hi! Im Bimbo D. Dy Tioco, 53 years old, working at the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and presently holding the position as OIC, Engineering and General Services Division. I'm a graduate of BS in Electrical Engineering at the National University, Manila in 1978 and passed the Board Examination in Electrical Engineering in 1982. While studying in 1975, I worked as Electrician at the Bureau of Post, Manila to support my studies. After finishing my bachelor's degree, I transfer to a private manufacturing company as Engineering Staff at the Reseach and Development Department.
In my 32 years working experiences in the government and private company, 80% of it relates to building facilities maintenance and transport service operation. With this long years of experince made me inspired to made this enercon tips accesible in this bloggersphere. With those who might happen to read this enercon tips and with similar experience as the author, please feel free to share your comments and/or contributions so that we could encourage everyone to conserve energy.